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Busy with a film! :-)

2012-03-23 18:55:07 by voicegirl

It sure has been a pleasure to work with the creative minds behind the projects I've been voicing for NG projects.
My family and I made a video for a contest.
Would LOVE it if you could please vote for our entry. It's only 1 minute long.
If you could vote 1 time each day, through May 20th, that would be GREATLY appreciated!! :-D

Just Click here!
Thanks very much for your support! :-)

things are keeping busy

2010-10-22 10:35:26 by voicegirl

Life is keeping me on my toes, as we fix up our new (200 year old) house!
Plus, with Voice working coming in at a steady pace -it keeps life fun!
Thanks to all for your support, and encouragement.
Please feel free to drop me a PM, or e-mail, if you are interested in having me Voice for your production.
Thanks again, everyone!
Your Voice,

Got it!

2010-05-18 21:45:02 by voicegirl

Closing is ASAP!
got to http://www.facebook.com/kdvoicegirl?re f=profile#!/kdvoicegirl?ref=profile
for pics and info. ;-)
Thanks to everyone for their support.
Your Voice,

Got it!

NOW on Facebook!

2010-04-12 23:57:47 by voicegirl

Hi there, everyone!
I now have a fan page on Facebook! If you would like to become a fan of my Voice Over work, and keep up to date on my projects, just click on this link, to check it out. ;-)
http://www.facebook.com/pages/Official -Page-of-Katie-Dehnart-Voice-Talent/47 5377450614?ref=ts

House NEWER update!

2010-03-20 20:43:31 by voicegirl

The house has JUST been listed, a few hours ago!!
Certainly sooner than 2 weeks!!
Our Relator sent in our 5th offer on the place, and we hope
to be hearing from Fannie Mae, on Monday!
Please pray that they won't be wanting more than what we can afford.
We're putting every single penny we have, into purchasing this place.
(We're trying to pay, cash). We need all the help we can get!
Thanks everyone!
Your Voice,


2010-03-17 23:59:49 by voicegirl

We just heard that the bank got all the old furniture and junk thrown out of the house, and it will be listed within the next 2 weeks! SOOOOOOOO....that means that the Bank will FINALLY view our offers that we've been anxiously making, since mid Dec of last year! AWESOME!! Praise the LORD!! :-D
Any paid Voice Over work would help a BUNCH these next 2 weeks, friends. All 100% goes towards getting this one house, that we've been after, for the last (almost) 2 years, now!
We need ALL the help we can get!!
Your voice,

Still in the works!...

2010-01-06 12:18:48 by voicegirl

Here's an update on our house-purchasing progess, for those of you who have been so kind to ask how things are going. :-)

We didn't get it at the auction, but the bank bought the house back (again!). But, all that turned out, so that, right now, we have made a cash offer to the bank for the place, and we are simply waiting to see what their counter-offer is, for us. We should hear back form them, any day now.
Here's a picture of the house, that we took in Nov. 2009.
And feel freel to check out our website to keep track of our savings progress.
Thanks again to everyone for your kind words, thoughts, and prayers! Keepit up! We still need it! :-D

Still in the works!...


2009-11-14 11:43:52 by voicegirl

Hi there!
Thanks for taking the time to read this, the following is a message from my husband (John) and I. We make name-meaning gifts, and are trying to bid on a house that we have been trying to get for over a year, NEXT WEEK! So....here's an idea that we came up with.. Thanks for all your prayers and support! :-)
GOD bless.

Good morning, everyone, from John, Katie, Joanie & Chloe Dehnart.

Most of you know that we're a family business. And as a family, we've been working hard to save for our first house, and move out of our small apartment. In JUST 7 DAYS, a house we're interested in is going up for auction, and we are trying to bring in as much money for our bid. So we've got a special offer *this week only*, in order to help us get the house.

15% off all purchases by November 20th at www.Meaning.Name

Now personally, I hate it when I get "special offers" with a deadline, but we have good reason for this tight timeframe, and every penny of profit is going towards our house savings. If you order by November 20th, you'll get a 15% off all Name Meaning Plaques, Bookmarks & Coffee Mugs, our Color Photo Calendars, or any of our Encouraging Gifts on our website, at www.Meaning.Name If you order by phone, we'll figure up the discount when you order. (Due to technical limitations on our website, online orders have to be full-price, and then we'll send the 15% refund right away.)

Thanks everyone for taking the time to consider our great new gifts, and support us in our race for our first house.

Excitedly awaiting your orders,

John, Katie, Joanie & Chloe.
See our House Savings Progress at www.Dehnart.Com


27 days and COUNTING!!

2009-10-26 10:59:37 by voicegirl

Hi there to everyone, once again!
We have just learned that the house that we have been trying to purchase for the past 15 months, is going up for auction in 27 days! So, needless to say, we are down to the CRUNCH TIME!
Thank you to everyone who has helped thus far! We STILL need your continued support!
You may view our updated First House Savings website!
Please pass the word on, along with a prayer for us!
It's GREATLY appreciated!
Looking forward to working with you.
Your Voice,

Hey there, everyone!
It's been a while since I last posted an entry.
I just wanted to say a big thank you to everyone for the well-wishes and support in helping out with the House Savings goal via Voice Over work.
Well, things are moving slower than we would like, but we are still working hard to get the funds together. My hubby and I have a booth to do this weekend selling his name-meaning gifts at a conference. If you think of it, we would appreciate a little prayer that things will go well.
You can check out his website for the stuff, here http://www.meaning.name
We DO have some progress made in the house hunting. The house that we have been wanting/trying to get, for over a year now, we will FINALLY be able to step foot inside for ourselves, and check it out...NEXT WEEK! (We are trying to get a foreclosure, so this is a BIG DEAL to be able to get into the place!)
Anyway, a big thanks and continued support in the matter, weither it be prayer, or finicially, is GREATLY appreciated!
GOD bless you guys!
Your Voice,
P.S. Here's a pic of the place!

A BIIIG Thanks and still plugging along...