things are keeping busy

2010-10-22 10:35:26 by voicegirl

Life is keeping me on my toes, as we fix up our new (200 year old) house!
Plus, with Voice working coming in at a steady pace -it keeps life fun!
Thanks to all for your support, and encouragement.
Please feel free to drop me a PM, or e-mail, if you are interested in having me Voice for your production.
Thanks again, everyone!
Your Voice,


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2011-01-18 12:19:08

It's been a while since you made a post, but you are still around. I'm just going to leave a comment for you to find next time you find yourself at Newgrounds. Have fun, and you have teeth that seem perfectly aligned. Good for you ;)

voicegirl responds:

hi there, Sharpen.
Thanks for the note.
Yeah, I had braces when I was a kid. O:)


2011-03-03 02:39:20

congrats on fixing up the new place!
and the amazing choppers! lol

voicegirl responds:

lol! gee, thanks, MC. ;-)