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Voice 4 a Cause

2009-04-25 23:22:41 by voicegirl

Hey there, Everyone!
This is Katie here (who else were you expecting? The Easter Beagle?) ;-)
Anyway, I have an important announcement to make here, sooo...*drumroll, please*......thank you.
Our little family is saving for our very first house. In our unique economy, we come up with unique and helpful ideas. This is one of them...
As a special fund raiser for our house savings, I am going to push through as many voice jobs as professionally possible, and devote 100% of my earnings towards our house savings We are working hard to raise as much money as possible to get a fixer upper, at a very low price. Please contact me with any voice jobs that are available. Your support is GREATLY appreciated, guys!
Thanks for your help in advance!
God bless.
Your Voice,
P.S. An updated pic of our little fam! Taken on Mother's day of 2009! :-D

Voice 4 a Cause

Who's That Voice?

2009-03-04 08:19:48 by voicegirl

And what is my latest project, you may be asking?
Well, I have been given the great privilage of voicing for the announcing of the entries for the NG Annual Tank Awards show this year!
Thanks to all you awesome friends/fans for your support and encouragement. I couldn't do it without you all! I am very blessed and excited about this oppotunity.
Be sure to tune in to the Tank Awards this Friday and hear who wins!
Thanks for listening.
Your voice,
~Katie aka "voicegirl"

"A Tale on voicing Tails"

2009-01-22 00:26:29 by voicegirl

Yes, Milanous has done it again with yet another action-packed sprite Sonic sprite adeventure! :-)
Now, I've voiced Tails in a fair number of spin-off shows for people, and I've got to say that Milanous certainly comes up with some of the more intriguing plots. Not, that the other producers that I've workedfor are lacking in the creativity department, but Milanous makes the whole production-process most enjoyable. He always makes it a point when voice directing, to give the direction in such a way that helps the actor to see his angle, and easily adapt to what his take would be on that line delivery.
I certianly hope to have the opportunity to work with him more in the near future.
Please, take a moment to watch the first and second episode of Rise of the Brotherhood. You won't regret it. ;-)
Thanks again for all your encouragement and support, guys!
Your voice,
~Katie Dehnart aka "voicegirl"

"The NEXT Voice...."

2009-01-12 10:45:36 by voicegirl

Hi there again, everyone.
Well, I think Frost'D recevied an overall great response from all you NG'ers. Thanks! And another congrats once again, to MindChamber. ;-) A thanks to those of you who have taken the time to leave me all these kind words of encouragment.
In the midst of the feedback that I've been recieving for voicing in the last show, I have received some kind offers to voice in several upcoming shows here within the New Grounds realm.
Keep an eye on the Excile series by (Jordan Duchednier) , and an ear open to who I will be voicing next.
Oh! And you can also listen to my first ,solo NG audio audio project. TOTALLY ad-libed and off the cuff! Would love it if you could take the time to vote, and write a review. Please remember, it is an unscripted, raw recording (no sound editing) when, writing a review. Enjoy! ;-)
Your Voice,
~Katie aka "voicegirl"

Voicing in FrostD

2008-12-27 17:35:19 by voicegirl

What a treat it was to work with MindChamber on his latest project!
It always makes the Voice Actor's work so much more....FUN, really!...when the material he/she has to work with is top notch. And I know, the only quality that MindChamber works with is only the highest.
The creativity and originality that ooz off the script makes the character of Timmy even easier than usual to breath life into. I kept finding myself having to push the stop button, while recording, just so I could try and keep a straight face, during my lines! Talk about a challange! :-D
Thanks again, to the wonderful workmanship and expertise of MindChamber!
I truly hope to have the opportunity to work with him again in the very near future.
Thanks to everyone for their support and maybe I will get a chance to work with YOU in your next project! :-)
Just drop me a note, as usual!