Entry #15

Busy with a film! :-)

2012-03-23 18:55:07 by voicegirl

It sure has been a pleasure to work with the creative minds behind the projects I've been voicing for NG projects.
My family and I made a video for a contest.
Would LOVE it if you could please vote for our entry. It's only 1 minute long.
If you could vote 1 time each day, through May 20th, that would be GREATLY appreciated!! :-D

Just Click here!
Thanks very much for your support! :-)


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2012-03-31 13:37:49

So that's what you been up to. I hope you and your family wins the contest. I voted for you today. I'll be Pming you on a little short script i had in mind.

voicegirl responds:

hi there, DemonicDragon!
Yep, been keeping busy with this, and a bunch of other things going on! :-)
Thanks SO MUCH for taking the time to vote.
If you think of it, could you please pass it on to your friends and family, requesting a vote?
Every vote counts! :-D
Btw, I believe I already sent you the lines for the short script you PMed me.
If not, please send it to my e-mail, and I will get them done for you, this week, or early next week.
Thanks! :-)


2015-06-30 21:20:53

so how you been? hope all is well with you and your fam!.. was watching a cartoon on amazon (new series based on Oz) and one of the characters totally sounded like you! I hope youve been keeping up with the voice stuff!