2009-11-14 11:43:52 by voicegirl

Hi there!
Thanks for taking the time to read this, the following is a message from my husband (John) and I. We make name-meaning gifts, and are trying to bid on a house that we have been trying to get for over a year, NEXT WEEK! So....here's an idea that we came up with.. Thanks for all your prayers and support! :-)
GOD bless.

Good morning, everyone, from John, Katie, Joanie & Chloe Dehnart.

Most of you know that we're a family business. And as a family, we've been working hard to save for our first house, and move out of our small apartment. In JUST 7 DAYS, a house we're interested in is going up for auction, and we are trying to bring in as much money for our bid. So we've got a special offer *this week only*, in order to help us get the house.

15% off all purchases by November 20th at www.Meaning.Name

Now personally, I hate it when I get "special offers" with a deadline, but we have good reason for this tight timeframe, and every penny of profit is going towards our house savings. If you order by November 20th, you'll get a 15% off all Name Meaning Plaques, Bookmarks & Coffee Mugs, our Color Photo Calendars, or any of our Encouraging Gifts on our website, at www.Meaning.Name If you order by phone, we'll figure up the discount when you order. (Due to technical limitations on our website, online orders have to be full-price, and then we'll send the 15% refund right away.)

Thanks everyone for taking the time to consider our great new gifts, and support us in our race for our first house.

Excitedly awaiting your orders,

John, Katie, Joanie & Chloe.
See our House Savings Progress at www.Dehnart.Com



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2009-11-17 22:37:53

I want to own a house.


2010-01-03 14:53:03

Hw did it go? I really hope that you got it.

voicegirl responds:

Thanks for checking in, bl00db47h.
We didn't get it at the auction, but the bank bought the house back (again!). But, all that turned out, so that, right now, we have made a cash offer to the bank for the place, and we are simply waiting to see what their counter-offer is, for us. We shoudl hear back form them, any day now.